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Pascal Nourtier, Nutritionist in London, responds to the media on current topics. He answers questions to share his knowledge and experience. Information and prevention is at the heart of his concerns.


The intestine: our second brain

A few years ago, the digestive system but especially the intestines were not the priority of dietician nutritionists. Today, all projectors are turning to the intestines and its innumerable relationships with the human brain. Our gut is now considered our second brain. If only to lose weight, according to the study of Zhao L. Dietary modulation of gut microbiota contributes to alleviation of both genetic and simple obesity in children. 5th Better Foods for Better Health, Mérieux Foundation, Annecy, Annecy, April 6-8, 2016., The gut microbiota is closely involved in obesity. It has long been known that biological samples (blood,… Lire Plus


Does a child have to diet to lose weight?

NO ! We must not try to make a child lose weight. Do not diet for a growing child. It is necessary to flee drastic regimes in paediatrics without major medical reason. This would make him lose weight temporarily, but especially resume much more in a second time. The child would then reject the balanced diet. It is necessary to pay attention of the child’s eating habits at the time of the consultation and to adapt to it to lay the foundation stone of the pyramid of the balanced diet. We must go smoothly, at the speed of the child, also explaining… Lire Plus


Warning against miracle diets

All fad diets are to be avoided! Each year, the miracle diets bloom in the women’s press, on the web … New commercial weight loss companies, with revolutionary new processes appear each spring and disappear each fall. These fashion effects are dangerous for consumers. They are dangerous for the body and cause many deficiencies. Consumers are waiting for a miracle recipe that magically appears when the first rays of sun come out. Believing in ease is often easier than rolling up one’s sleeves and tackling the problem. The only effective solution recognised by all medical and scientific authorities is a… Lire Plus


Snacks and Nutrition

These snacks that we can allow according to the nutritionists Are you hungry and it’s not yet time for lunch? No problem ! Sweet, salty … There is something for everyone! We must focus on foods rich in good nutrients: fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals. – A piece of bread Choose it full, with nuts or hazelnuts. To spice up this snack a little, you can accompany it with one or two squares of chocolate. The one of your choice. « The snack is above all a moment of relaxation, a break to have fun. » – A hard egg An egg… Lire Plus

F.E, le 01 Mars 2017

Merci, merci, merci. En 2 mois de traitement (ou du moins de régime). Ma glycémie à jeun est passée de 1,71 g/L à 1,17 g/L J’ai du mal à croire aux résultats.

Etienne, le 07 Février 2017

1er et dernier régime à presque 50 ans. 14Kgs de perdus en 8 semaines…
Avec un peu d’imagination, on arrive facilement à se faire plaisir, le plus dur étant le premier pas.

Firdaouss, le 15 Décembre 2016

Je suis venue voir Mr Nourtier il y a plus de cinq mois. J’ai eu un déclic un jour en me disant trop c’est trop, il faut faire quelque-chose. C’est la première fois que je fais un régime, je ne savais pas trop à quoi m’attendre. Quelle fut ma surprise. Perte de poids rapide sans sentiment de privation ni de faim. J’ai repris le sport également. – 23 Kg en 5 mois
Très heureuse, surtout que je suis en phase de stabilisation et que je parviens sans trop de mal à maintenir mon poids.
Merci Mr Nourtier.