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Nutritionist in London

Nutritionist in London

Pascal Nourtier is a London nutritionist with over 13 years of experience in providing private-practice, sustainable nutritional guidance for a range of dietary issues.

From his nutritional clinic in London, Pascal Nourtier is focused on giving sustainable guidance on all nutritional matters for his clients.

Based on over a decade of experience in the industry, his one-to-one consulting services help clients understand and create lasting change in their diet and nutrition.

Pascal Nourtier, aside from private practice, is also the President of SMDML (National Union of Liberal Nutritionist Dieticians), helping advocate for sustainable nutritional guidance for clients and the industry alike.

With a specialism in weight loss and management through healthy nutrition, he ensures consistent client satisfaction by making his consulting personalised, actionable and focused on sustainable change.

Nutritional Consulting in London

Pascal Nourtier’s consulting services ensure clients gain independence, stability and balance in their nutrition.

By forming healthy habits around food, tailored to their individual needs, he makes sure that his clients have the understanding and the tools to gain nutritional independence.

Each consultation is designed to the client’s unique needs, with every session designed to encourage permanent, positive change.

Our Tailored Nutritional Services

Each client will receive a bespoke consultation plan based on working on their specific issues with food. The number and frequency of consultations are adapted to suit the needs of each patient. The sole aim of these sessions is to create lasting success for each person, by addressing their specific nutritional needs.

A Nutritionist in the Heart of London

Pascal Nourtier’s clinic is located in London on Harley Street, a world-renowned location for private medical and surgical clinics.

London Clinic

10 Harley Street,

Mail :

Sarah, 15th November 2018

18 kgs in 7 months without any special effort. Thanks to Mr Nourtier for his advice, his support, his kindness. A new life in a new body.

Marie, 28th September 2018

Having undergone some weight gain (+ about 20kg in 4 years) in my thirties without having ever gained weight before or diet, I consult Mr. Nourtier, nutritionist London from a recommendation. Today at -15.5 Kgs in 5 months, I can say that Mr. Nourtier really taught me to eat rationally and helped me a lot to understand my body's reactions to food. It is obvious that without its rigor and these advices, I would never have known to lose weight intelligently nor to stabilise my weight durably.

Camille, 21th September 2018

21.1 kilos since May 18, 2018 without difficulty, I learned to eat healthy and especially to have fun while eating. Thank you to Mr. Nourtier for his encouragement.