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Pascal Nourtier

About Expert Nutritionist Pascal Nourtier


Read below to find out more about London nutritionist Pascal Nourtier’s qualifications and experience.

My journey

2005: Graduated Dietician – Nutritionist
From 2005 to 2006: Necker Hospital – Enfants Malades – Paris 15
2006: Liberal office in Brest and Quimper
2007 – Present: Clinical and hospital consultant
2011: Liberal office in Paris
2014: Micronutrition and Food Health University Degree (UFR-Bourgogne)
2015: Micronutrition Degree – IEPP (Paris)
2016: Phytothérapie Degree – IEPP (Paris)Diététicien – Nutritionniste diplômé

My interventions

Awareness and prevention program about excess weight. To all publics : as in companies, as in school.

  • Conferences for EDF (Power and Gas french grid)
  • Victor Duruy High School (Paris 7)
  •  Trot Menu Day Care Center (Orsay 91)
  • Middle Schools, High SchoolsLycée Victor Duruy (Paris 7)
  • Conferences for Dieticians and Nutritionists’ French unions (SNDNL, IPPDD…)

My commitments

  • SNDNL President (Liberal Nutritionist and Dietician National Union)
  • ADL Member (Liberal Dietician’s Association)
  • AFDN Former Administrator (French Association of the Liberal Dietician and Nutritionist)
  • Consultant for the ‘Maîtres Restaurateurs’ French Association
Sarah, 24th June 2019

Merci, merci, merci. In 2 months, I lost so much weight with Dr Nourtier. His expertise and compassion has helped me so much.

Joseph, 07th March 2019

I have tried so many times to lose weight. A friend of mine recommended Mr Nourtier. I'm so glad I have contacted him. I lost 14 Kilos in 10 weeks…

Firdaouss, 15th April 2019

I met Pascal Nourtier 7 months ago. His clinic in Harley Street is a great location as it is so close to my work. I'm pleased with the results but I have still a few more kilos to lose.

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