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The intestine: our second brain


A few years ago, the digestive system but especially the intestines were not the priority of dietician nutritionists.

Today, all projectors are turning to the intestines and its innumerable relationships with the human brain. Our gut is now considered our second brain. If only to lose weight, according to the study of Zhao L. Dietary modulation of gut microbiota contributes to alleviation of both genetic and simple obesity in children. 5th Better Foods for Better Health, Mérieux Foundation, Annecy, Annecy, April 6-8, 2016., The gut microbiota is closely involved in obesity.

It has long been known that biological samples (blood, urine, stools, saliva …) are indicative of our state of health and each of us has already taken a blood test. The advance of the biology of preventive investigation is to have discovered that one could detect there much more information than formerly; especially in nutritional, digestive, immunological, toxicological, neurobiological or hormonal matters.

Detecting precisely these imbalances and correcting them accurately, offers the possibility of preventing the development of certain diseases or slowing down their progression.

Finally, these different analyzes of preventive investigations make it possible to explore the micronutritional, functional and metabolic environment of a patient in order to identify the etiology of his problems and to propose an effective individualized care.

Whether for a digestive problem or to lose weight, the basis of the care of the nutritionist is to analyze the needs of each patient, to propose the appropriate solution. Dietary and nutritional management is beyond the simple calculation of calories or keeping a food diary.

All consumed foods arrive in the digestive system and thus in the intestines. You have to listen to them and take care of them. Your nutritionist in London, Pascal Nourtier, will be listening to your microbiota.

F.E, le 01 Mars 2017

Merci, merci, merci. En 2 mois de traitement (ou du moins de régime). Ma glycémie à jeun est passée de 1,71 g/L à 1,17 g/L J’ai du mal à croire aux résultats.

Etienne, le 07 Février 2017

1er et dernier régime à presque 50 ans. 14Kgs de perdus en 8 semaines…
Avec un peu d’imagination, on arrive facilement à se faire plaisir, le plus dur étant le premier pas.

Firdaouss, le 15 Décembre 2016

Je suis venue voir Mr Nourtier il y a plus de cinq mois. J’ai eu un déclic un jour en me disant trop c’est trop, il faut faire quelque-chose. C’est la première fois que je fais un régime, je ne savais pas trop à quoi m’attendre. Quelle fut ma surprise. Perte de poids rapide sans sentiment de privation ni de faim. J’ai repris le sport également. – 23 Kg en 5 mois
Très heureuse, surtout que je suis en phase de stabilisation et que je parviens sans trop de mal à maintenir mon poids.
Merci Mr Nourtier.


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