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Pascal Nourtier is a nutritionist based in Harley Street, London with 13+ years experience in providing sustainable, personalised nutrition and dietary guidance for a wide range of clients who want to improve their health and wellness.

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From his clinic in Harley Street, Pascal Nourtier provides compassionate, effective and sustainable nutritional guidance based on over a decade of practice in nutrition and diet.

Graduating as a qualified nutritionist in 2005, he has spent over 10 years as a hospital nutritional consultant, with additional qualifications in micronutrition and physiotherapy from IEPP (Paris). Outside of his core practice, Pascal Nourtier is the President of SMDML (National Union of Liberal Nutritionist Dieticians), helping educate the industry and the public about improving and managing diet and nutrition.

With a focus on weight loss through effective nutrition, he is committed to client satisfaction by giving them the keys to making nutritional advice sustainable in their own lives.

Effective and
sustainable results

Pascal Nourtier’s nutritional consulting emphasises the importance of creating nutritional balance and stability for his clients.

This ensures clients leave his consultations with the ability to follow new, healthy habits to gradually gain independence. He ensures all are educated on how their body works, their digestion and the roles different foods have in nutrition.

This allows clients to gain independence and a deep understanding of nutrition, how to manage their dietary issues and make sustainable nutritional changes.

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Each patient is unique, that's why each follow-up is unique. The number of consultations and the frequency are adapted according to the requirements of each patient. The only goal is to create sustainable success for each patient, by responding to their specific needs.

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Pascal Nourtier’s clinic is located on Harley Street, a world-renowned location for private medical and surgical clinics.

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Sarah, 10 February 2019

10Kg in 2 months, I can't believe it!
I followed Dr. Nourtier method and it works...

John, 07 January 2019

1st and last diet at almost 50 years old. I lost 14kg in 8 weeks ...
With a little imagination, you can easily have fun, the hardest thing is the first step.

Vishal, 15 december 2018

I came to see Mr. Nourtier more than five months ago. I realised one day, I had to do something. It was the first time that I went on a diet, I did not know what to expect. What a surprise. Rapid weight loss without feelings of deprivation or hunger. I started to do more sports too. - 23 Kg in 5 months.