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Client Reviews and Testimonials

Happy Clients

The patients followed by London nutritionist Pascal Nourtier like to share their experience to encourage new patients in their approach. Here are their opinions and their reviews.

Great nutritionist in London

AMAZING! I lost 20kg! Highly recommended.

Brigitte, 29th March 2019

Thank you for your professionalism

I lost 40 kg in 14 months and stabilised for more than 3 years. A monthly visit since, just for a follow up.

Charles, 13th March 2019

A new body

When you think you have tried everything and unfortunately nothing happens, then do not hesitate to talk to Dr Nourtier.  16 kg in 4.5 months. Thank you so much!!

Katie, 5th June 2019

Thanks to Mr. Nourtier for his encouragement

I lost 1,8 kilos in 3 weeks without any problems, I'm now learning to have a healthy diet and start enjoying food. Thanks Mr Nourtier.

Gemma, 6th March 2019

Thanks for your help and support

After gaining a lot of weight I managed to lose almost all the extra pounds easily and with a smile. Thank you for the help and support.

Sarah, 20th May 2019